About Me:

I'm a software developer in the Sacramento area. My skills include Javascript, Node, React, Vue, Ruby, Rails, HTML5, CSS3, PHP and SQL. My interest in coding was sparked during my senior year at UCLA. I began teaching myself programming and building websites in my spare time. In 2015 I founded a website company called Webmade. I managed that company for three years before attending a software development school in San Francisco. Afterwards, I worked for an ecommerce company in SF helping to add several new features and update portions of an existing codebase. I also spent a year and a half working as a Software Developer TA for Trilogy Education Services. I currently work as the Head Developer at OHM Solutions, a creative agency in Sacramento, CA.

My Coding Skills include:


I have five years of frontend development experience. I've built many websites and applications using HTML5 and CSS3.

Node JS

I have two years of experience working with Node JS. I have worked with various npm libraries including Express, MongoDB, and Passport JS.

Ruby on Rails

I have been working with Rails for the past three years. I've built several full-stack applications using the framework.

MySQL and MongoDB

I have worked with both ORM's and ODM's building application databases. I have built schemas and validations for various read and write operations.

React & Vue

I have worked with both React and Vue to build several different full-stack applications. I am familiar with components, routing, and DOM manipulation best practices.

JavaScript / jQuery

I have three years of experience working with JavaScript and jQuery. I have built various web applications using both vanilla js and jQuery.